Monday, February 23, 2015

About Learning . . . .

Took a class this morning for voice-acting. Despite having done 1 documentary voice-over that many people said they like I know I can always improve my technique and skills at certain particular things and re-listening to it, I know I can. Especially those things I am and have always been deeply interested in. I never want to reach the point where I no longer feel passionate about learning. I know some people who do who are set in there ways and those people are typically boring. After all this Oscar Mumbo-Jumbo and me trying to finish up several projects. I already know I can be better than I've been before and from now on that's all I really want to do. Maybe when I'm 80 I'll learn enough to create something truly sublime but until then, always learning. Cause this industry and by extension my life in it, is and should be always evolving. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crimson Peak Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Tom Hiddleston, Jessica...


Sometimes the littlest of moments make the biggest impacts. In hindsight they were never little in the first place. The moments in your life and choices you make reverberate like waves on the tide dictating how good the ocean that is life will let you sail and how rich the fish will be and taste. There are no words to describe when a moment hits you of utter purity and clarity. I wish I had them. I do not. Hindsight is the only great focuser that your life actually means something.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I had saw the LA Slasher recently at Zed Fest (where it won I believe 12 awards). And was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I halfway expected a trope salad and disappointment and was mentally preparing myself to sit down and watch a film I ultimately wouldn't like...couldn't have been further off in my irrational fear. LA Slasher was great, great fun. The film uses the slasher genre to lampoon and satirize popular culture, consumers digestion of pop culture, and news outlets like TMZ and E! News. Needless to say it was a refreshing film to sit down and watch. It's supremely tongue and cheek and stylistically evocative of films like "Natural Born Killers" and "Spring Breakers" . Despite being a slather it is very upbeat and extremely funny. In the most positive way "The LA Slasher" is very much and possibly the first Bubblegum-Slasher film...and I like it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BURNING MaN!!!!?!!!%*(&#*(*(@

        I know that I had no idea what the festival was before I came. And now after having gone in 2014 I still don't think I am any closer to an idea of what it is all really about.

Burning Man for the moment was as if the Lost Boys from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan grew up into the world of Mad Max. As I drove out of Gerlach, Nevada after my Burning Man experience I had said to one of the other passengers in my ride 'I leave a city filled with hippies and neon lights, to go back to a city filled with hippies and neon lights'. And we spent about 10 hours in the car driving to the City of the Angels caked in alkali dust. 

How does one collate and quantify the experiences of their first trip to Burning Man? How does one write a journal entry explaining all the things he did and saw that were amazing, beautiful, and wonderful? I'm not sure. I had so many ideas and thoughts about how I was going to go about this journal entry when I was there. I then gave up those thoughts and began to have fun and live in the moment. Which is what you should be doing in your regular life but what is definitely encouraged in the looser society that is Burning Man. 

Burning Man is a place for artists, a welcome place for artists, painters, sculptures, so I thought as someone who does enjoy writing from time to time explaining what it is all about would be relatively easy. Unfortunately it has been relatively difficult for my mind to think of the right non-sarcastic type of prose to describe things a more cynical mindset would have already dove into about the festival.

Do you like casual nudity, being naked in front of strangers, drugs, music (of all kinds it's not just EDM people), and lights, and art, and sculpture, and bike rides, and yoga, and juggling, and stilt walkers, and vaginas, and alcohol, and penises, and tea, and pornography, and being sprayed with a fire hose, and electroshock, and dangerously climbing on weird structures, and bumper cars, and ooooohhhhh ahhhhhhh sooooooo many things. Oh look at that thing, ooh strip chess, he took your pawn 'take off your socks' he took your queen 'take off your panties'. Oh wait we forgot there's an art car out in Playa playing Stevie Wonder but you have to be dressed as an animal to join the party . . . lets doooo that!!!!! *.* BURNING MAN FOREVER!!!! 

Basically that sums up the somersaults my brain was doing walking through the Playa. 

There are 4 basic guidelines to enjoying yourself at Burning Man; though there are 10 "Principal's of Burning Man" I'm too lazy to look them up right now :P. There are 4 basic things to know. In the words of Scar "Be Prepared"… 'Don't Be a Dick", "Take Care of Yourself", "Participate", "Share", "Clean Up". (Yeah I know it's not four, leave me alone, I don't have to participate in your spelling regime man, save that for the regular world. I can spill how every I want to punchtuate my words dammit!) Muffins. 

I feel like everything anybody can possibly say and have already said won't do anywhere near justice what a first hand account will do so I won't bore you with the utter tedium that is spelling out all the things I did. Naked shower dance party (Maybe) Drugs (Maybe) Falling asleep in a piece of art (Maybe) watching the sunrise and sunset (Maybe) Drugs (Also maybe, stop asking Narcos!) Oooooh Muffins. 

Anyways so I took a whole bunch of Euphemisms and Euphamismed my Euphamising brain off. Look at all those colors . . . *.* 

(INNER MONOLOGUE) 'Wholly crap everyone's so friendly and and huggy and free beer and drinks and woah look at all the lights and Weeeeee there's a pirate ship with dance music and hurray!!!! Wow look at that thing, and that thing, neat, ah sandstorm, need my goggles.' (I call the use of commas in this sentence (and a lot of my writing) the "Fuck You Comma". I use them instead of the Oxford Comma.) 

It's a 7 week long party in the middle of the dessert built by 65'000 people all with unique costumes and structures they are living in and ideals on what 'fun' means. Sooooo yeah it's kinda hard to actually describe and if I did a play by play I would feel like a bad tedious writer and this entry might not be fun to read, so JUst Go JuSt go to BurNinggg Mann at some point Doooo IT!!!!! 

It's like a whole other universe man. 

Smiley Face.  :)  



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Favorite Rap Songs.

So as anybody that know me knows I don't listen to rap a lot. I just listen off and on especially when my roommate is listening to it but I've been on kick lately so I made this list. So just so you know it's hardly coming from a place of someone who is immersed in this genre. I know there are better songs out there. But I do love these.

10.) Step Into the World - KRS ONE (Just Classic)

9.) NAIL IN THE COFFIN - EMINEM (YES. Eminem has better songs, more heartfelt songs, more important songs, ect...but this song just makes me laugh, no seriously, it's fantastic lyrically. Truth is if I really thought about Eminem's body of work for longer than I am in this moment writing this I could probably fill half this list with them.)

One of the best diss tracks ever written. Of course Benzino is just plain awful from the few songs I've heard so eh it was like fighting a puppy.

8.) The Tupac lyric is is what put this song over the top for me. This is also the most explicit song on this list so warning. But I love Immortal Technique so much that I wrote a fan letter in the form of a rap his manager forwarded him cause he's just that cool. IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE - OBNOXIOUS


I gotta give my roommate credit for introducing me to this song. It is so much fun. I highly recommend you look up the history between Canibus and LL COOL J first and listen to Canibus's diss song against LL first "Second Round Knockout" before listening to this because LL rips that song in two and shreds it in this song. Lyrically maybe LL isn't the best ever or even close, however energy wise very few performers can beat him.

"Running around with the Bob Marley imposter" hahaha.


When I used to work for a greyhound racing track most of the guys I worked with came strait out of jail. This was the only job they could get fresh on the outside. A lot of them had shirts made with their dead and shot gang member friends on them to work. This song reminds me of those guys and their stories.


Honest, heartfelt, fun, and truthful.


The flow in this song is just smooth as silk. It's fun, bouncy, and I love it.

Oh fun fact it plays in the bar scene in the background in "8 Mile".


The wordplay in this song is too smart and clever and as a fan of language (Fav novel "A Clockwork Orange") this song is just too lyrically clever, smart and fantastic. It's not a bragging song, not a club song, not a honey song, not a diss song, not a story song...this song is it's own thing. I love it.


Nothing more can be said about this song than already has.


For all the diss songs and gang banging songs that ICE CUBE is known for...this song has nothing to do with that and even a bad attitude. This song is so good it transformed the genre to me and it said 'yeah even hard rappers can write about other aspects of their life' and it is still the best there is. I dare you to drive bumping this and not crack a smile. Not going to happen.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Rap Songs.

 (Probably the weakest in this list)

Rap Song 3. (Starts 13 seconds in)