Sunday, August 25, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Video Games.

I am not much of a gamer but I do and did dabble in them from time to time. Some I like for the puzzles, atmosphere, story and mostly of course the gameplay.

1 Kickle Cubicle (an amazing old-school nintendo puzzle game very rare but my all time favorite where you play as a little man who freezes monsters in realms of food to get across a variety of traps and levels) (Yes I've beaten it several times)

2 American McGee's "Alice"

3 Myst (A beautifully complex puzzle game with great music)

4 Nightmare Creatures (A fun little horror game)

5 Columns (*addictive*)

6 Ocarina of Time (Yes voted by many sources the 1# game of all time I know)

7 Super Mario 64

8 Sonic 2

9 Legacy of Kain : Soul Reaver

10 Doom 2

Spiritual and Meditative Films

These are the type 10 movies I find that have some of the most spiritual or meditative experiences while watching or perhaps films you can just eat some shrooms and watch and have a spiritual breakthrough, but these films reach for the spiritual moments in humanity. (In no particular order)  

1 The Holy Mountain (Produced by John Lennon*) 

2 Koyanisquatsi

3 Altered States

4 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (I find something spiritual in it, I guess the journey of life is wild and tacky and filed with fun characters that weave in an out in strange ways) 

5 Begotten (Can be described as a necessary really, really, bad trip) 

6 Jacob's Ladder

7 Groundhog Day (Whole things have been written about the Buddhist significance of this film) 

8 Cloud Atlas (Find my "Cloud Atlas" review on this blog*) 

9 2001 A Space Odyssey

10 The Fountain 

*Runner Up* (It is rather long winded a little on the nose stylistically but when I saw it in theaters it was a shorter version.)