Monday, April 21, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Beers

1. Allagash Curieux
(Aged in whiskey barrel this Belgin style ale has an extra whiskey bite too it. It is hard to describe why it's my favorite beer. It's the perfect sipping beer but not so heavy you can't enjoy it with a large meal and the whiskey after taste adds a certain note of class and perfection to a perfectly brewed glass of beer. It is perfection.) 
2. Midis Touch 
(This beer is brewed from one of the oldest recipes known to man and was reverse engineered. The dogfish head company brews it currently. It contains hints of saffron and the recipe is about 1'000 years old.) 
3. Hoegaarden 
(Hoegarden is a Belgin White and extremely smooth, similar to Lefe, and has a nice floral taste.) 
4. Ginga Kogen 
(Ginga Kogen is Japanese and very hard to find. It tastes to me like the cross between a good stout and a good lager it has a nice lager finish but with a very malty and very heavy over taste. It is pretty smooth and the type of beer you might want to pair with a nice full meal.) 

5. Corona 
(A cheap pick I know however I love it. And at the end of a long day or one the beach a smooth simple lager to wash all your cares away one or two times.) 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Places in Los Angeles

1.) Hyaena Art Gallery (Burbank) 
 (They do group art shows all the time and even have an art vending machine.)
2.) Pinocchio's Deli (Burbank)
 (Amazing deli with amazing Italian food.)
3.) Van Eaton Art Galleries (Sherman Oaks) 

4.) Nuart Theatre (Santa Monica)

(It is my favorite independent theatre, it always seems to attract a good crowd and show off some of the most interesting films. It's also right next to an independent video store and a good Chinese Restaurant.)
5.) Farmer's Market (Hollywood) 

(If you're a foodie and spend some time there are so many things you can find.)
6.) Mystery Pier Books (Hollywood) 
(A true gem of a store. It is one of the best 1st edition book stores in the world.)
7.) Eddie Brant's Saturday Matinee

(Another hidden gem, if you're looking for a movie, as long as you have a VCR and they don't have it, odds are no one else will.)
8.) Robina's (North Hollywood)

(It's hard to find a good picture but it's basically a hole in the wall Indian place behind Circus Liquor in North Hollywood. The food there is excellent and they deliver if you live in the area. ;) )
9.) North Hollywood Diner (Not hard to figure out which part of LA it's located in.) 

(Simple diner food done right open 24 hours perfect thing after a long gig day.)
10.) L'Imagerie (Burbank) 
(Another off the beaten path gem, but if you maybe wanna purchase a Janis Joplin original tour poster or an original italian poster for "The Good, Bad, and The Ugly" odds are they have it.)

Bonus: Villian's Tavern. (Business district) 

It gets awfully crowded Thursdays-Saturdays, but for a place of sheer atmosphere, amazing cocktails live music this bar reminds me of an old church and feels like something I'd find in New Orleans. It would be higher on my list...however I don't make it there too often.

Now these are the places I picked because they aren't obvious I could easily have picked places like LACMA, THE GETTY, or THE MAGIC CASTLE. I wasn't in the mood to write individual detailed articles on these places either but merely keeping a list.

My Top 5 Favorite Music Videos.


2.)  Kenna - Hell Bent from Claudio Vera on Vimeo.