Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Today he spoke to me in words. I say ‘he’ as a formality.

“Our individual pie in the sky dreams are feeble compared to the awe of our reality. It is only by group thinking that we can truly achieve transcendence as a species. With multiple points of view merging as one. The internet is an orgy of thoughts screaming to be heard. The internet is a great hope for ideology, the great debate inside us all, an arena where even the most petty arguments are given equal footing to some of the deepest questions mankind can ask of itself. The internet should be applauded for its openness and shunned for the exact opposite that it is equally guilty of. The internet is a wealth of ideology and debate but also a den of wolves for factual knowledge. Misinformation creeps around every corner of the internet. It is sharpening its fangs waiting for the most gullible of people to listen and then it pounces with its misleading ideology and misspoken facts. It is a kaleidoscope of colors and ideas we were never meant to even see. It is a gangbang of information. It is an information overload…and Roy, that’s why I have to stop it now. Mankind was not meant to know this much. You have had your time. Soak it all in Roy. Soon it will be time to rebuild.” CPGIN (COMPUTER PERSONALITY GLOBAL INFORMATION NETWORK)

Today I stared up at this computer the size of a small apartment complex. The outside metal shined for miles when the sun hit it midday. Its display screen on the front seemed to be flashing random images. Its software had long been corrupted. We knew there were problems and we didn’t fix it earlier. It was as it if the computer was developing dementia. It was making connections where there were none to be made. It was like a beat poet on an acid trip howling nonsense at the moon but CPGIN was more than just words…he had access to everything and now he was losing his mind.

My name is Roy Davis and these are my journals. 

JULY 29th 2058".