Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some reasons films fail ; just a quick vomit of my thoughts . . .

Just a start, why the HELL is everything color corrected to ridiculous.

1.) Throwbacks to other films or references to stories outside of the current narrative (newer Star Wars, Alice In Wonderland, Last Action Hero) (Why are they constantly referencing the book ; why didn't he just direct the book ?) The purpose of C3PO in "The Phantom Menace" is absurd.)(Him being in this movie is a misuse of talent)

2.) Nostalgia is a beaten up old whore.

3.) Let's set up for a sequel (Super Mario Bros, Alice in Wonderland, Terminator Salvation, Batman Begins (Yeah I threw this in here screw you*)

4.) Style over substance (AKA ; 300) Oldboy is a perfect balance & most Quentin Tarantino films use the style of the film to tell the story better. And yes I realize that "Death Proof" is a two hour long stunt show, but I love it so screw you. And also "Watchmen" is based on some of the best source material available & Zack Snyder had to f*ck it up by trying to brand it with his own style. If it doesn't come organically don't force it Mr. Slow-motion fight scene guy. Which is why I far prefer "Kick Ass" because each shot & frame manages to propel the story. Matthew Vaughn doesn't let his style, whatever it may be, get in the way of the story he's trying to tell. Story first & if the style flows from that organically than so be it.

5.) Pop Music (Twilight Soundtrack . . . Alice in Wonderland . . . Transformers . . .) Let's make a movie not an album please! I realize there are great soundtracks for great movies ; aka "The Crow", "Men in Black", but c'mon just watch "Watchmen" and you'll see what I mean. I really enjoy the film for Jackie Haley & the over all story, but the music is absurd and only works a few times. They should have hired a professional composer to compose the film (Aka; Philip Glass or someone of that caliber.)

Unoriginal material . . . or poorly thought out source material & translation . . . . (I think I've seen this one before.)

Let's make this movie so we can sell Toys >>>>> WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND FUCK TRANSFORMERS THE OLD SHOW AND THE MOVIES including the first movie, but special effects are good. The only good movie is the cartoon movie and it is a cheesy pop culture mesh anyways. + I don't care that much for robots and their horribly alienated story. At least the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" are brothers with a rat for a Dad that interact with humans which makes them relatable, same with "Gargoyles".

Also I hate nighttime blue (Lord of the Rings & Chronicles of Narnia do this which I guess works in fantasy better than in realistic films.)/typical sex scenes (I've talked about in an earlier blog)/ & cliche kissing (Watch "Rocky" and you'll see a kiss that feels organic natural & different *Oh wait here it is Edward Cullen, Spiderman, no offence, this is how it's done!), look *.* a two-shot with something interesting in the background, they're all the same GodD*(&(*mn shot!!! Throw that woman on the back of a car and kiss her like your about to die. Don't pose for the lighting guy! Some other kissing moments I enjoy in films.

Also just cranking them out as quickly as possible is quite a strain on the writers.

*Honorable mentions* Sidekick comedy relief + sidekicks with no chemistry or depth

Let's be super slick, everything super slick *.* WTF ! ! !

Also being unfamiliar with why people would enjoy this story or like the source material. And thinking your smarter than your audience. (*This remake truly raped the source material worse than the scene in "Irreversible" & even said in an interview that the original classic was dated and he (Neil Lebute) could improve on it. Hahaha.)

Favorite Posters

(It's "Alien")
(I just love in the days of major stars faces on posters that this is a painting & a great one.) (That image in his eye is what made me want to see the film.)