Thursday, April 29, 2010

Non Cliche Sex in movies

I know that your typical blond woman bouncing up & down on some guy who's halfway covered up by a blanket in a sex scene is rather boring and horribly cliche. And that's one thing I hate. (I've also never seen "Body Heat" yet so it's not quite on this list.) But the following is my list of favorite sex scenes in cinema. They either actually make me laugh, or they remind me that's there's more than one way to film something. Totally unique and also off the top of my head but the main thing is that they are different and memorible moments within their films.

1. Y Tu Mamma Tambien (Ending & Opening of the film) (Or the whole damn movie is pretty sexy.)
2. Zack and Miri (I just love the build up to the moment and the way Kevin Smith filmed it. It's just sweet.)
3. A Clockwork Orange (Threesome scene) Greatest cinema pickup line (A girl licking a popcicle. "Well that's a bit cold and pointless isn't it my lovely."
4. Monster's Ball (This one is pretty infamous.)
5. Fight Club (Yeah I know it's only sound up until the last 2 seconds but it still makes me laugh. She falls off the bed, now that's a sexual punchline.) Also in an earlier or later scene it's been so long since I've seen the film, when he walks in and looks at a dildo in her room and she says something to the affect of 'It's not replacing you' always makes me laugh too.

~ Runner Up - "American Psycho" click to zoom If you don't laugh at this, you have no soul. It's so damn funny.

*.* Also "Lolita" and "Quills" are two highly sexual films I love, but don't really have any real sex scenes in them, it's all 100% dialogue.

Remember when in life and in film . . . "Fake it til you make it." "Who doesn't dream of indulging every spasm of lust ?" ~ Marquis De Sade ~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My favorite character/creatures makeups and designs

1. Pale Man I just love this picture.)
2. Alien*iTxnVRRYgyGBxGKf8ylqx7nyduWPorcye4rG-dXdxLCbisDCVtlVe5-FHEeAfKBjpFu5FvftRDpJFxUQUNts4oT/alien_movie_monster_06.jpg(I want the table.) (& Hugger + I always forget every time I see the Hugger that it's a vagina with fingers, of course the Alien is a big black penis.
3. Predator
4. Darkness
5. Nosferatu

Also makeup and character designs are about the little touches. Like if you watch the telemovie IT, Pennywise's head is slightly larger than a regular human head I always love that detail it adds a tone to the character without being too gaudy.

And this X~files creature 'Fluke Man' is still such an incredible design.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favorite costumes

Top 5.

1. Gozer (What the hell is it, it's like magical bubble pantyhose. Whatever it is just makes the character.)
2. Edward Scissorhands is by far the weirdest fan drawing I found.) But honestly a lot of craftsmanship went into the making of this costume. And I love pretty much anything Stan Winston put his name on.
3. Sid 6.7 (*Yeah it's just a good looking suit, but common it's sweet.)
4. Bram Stoker's Dracula (The costumes are probably the best part of the movie. That is minus Gary Oldman's performance and of course werewolf sex and Lucy
5. The Cell, (Just that unusual jester outfit.)

Runners up*
The redesign of both the Batsuit and a new Joker in 'The Dark Knight' it's the little touches I love about these things you don't really notice. It's a redesign so it's hardly original but it looks 100% slicker. Although a part of me still wishes Joker had a pimp hat. image by YurkaBMW850
And speaking of a Got Milk commercial my *honorary mention* is . . .

A Clockwork Orange

(The only line in the book suggesting the strangeness of what they might be wearing is the phrase 'we dressed in the height of fashion'. That's it!) This one is also so simple enough you can make your own, and let's face it I just plain couldn't resist adding it to this list. is a photo of Nick Cage from 'Vanity Fair' magazine in one of these outfits but I couldn't find it.