Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Philosophy : The meaning of life.

I used to believe in a soul, true-love, god, . . . then one of those words actually happened to me. And I truely believe all of those pursuits to be a game. (Accept love perhaps, which in a way may just be a long lasting placebo of happiness) Most of a human being's life is spent distracting himself or herself from either his nature or the fact that we've evolved past wasting our time on our needs. Like searching all day for food. Most people don't live day by day. Our instincts are surpressed because we don't need them so far at the surface, because of technology, the brain's evolution. And we've developed a social structure around us to justify this supression of our survival instincts or the lack of need for them so much on the surface anyways. No hunting, only supermarkets and money as the means of a medium in front of it. A barrier, a distraction to stretch time out to get to the ultimate goal of sutanance. Money alone provides no sutanance yet through the power of myth holding a bunch of it in your hand can produce pleasure. Then we've built on it starting at the simple and onto the complex. Just look and the sheer missteps in the complexity of economics a sort of monitary evolution starting originally out as the barder system has blossomed into a strange organism indeed of modern economics. So most humans distract themselves. And spend all day dreaming. (Paraphrased) "We eat, we shit, we fuck, and we die" Marquis de Sade. (in "Quills") "But we also compose symphonies, paint masterpieces, and write epics." the Abby (in "Quills"). To what? : understand the human condition? or imagine possiblities? or to have that rush that feeling of living or 'feeling alive'? Vicariously imagining we're gods, or just important, or significant...but what we truely are is dreamers. Even great men who spend their lives studying the past and science do it for future progression and the tiny bit of pleasure of meeting someone that feels the same way to put a real smile on their face for a change. Eventually we'll die. And die as we surely will won't see our success past that age, the age past death. And sure enough we'll all die alone. It's a cycle. A rythm. No more intelligent than the tide coming in and out day after day shaping the rocks. No matter how beautiful the rocks are I still don't say they're intelligently designed. But I don't say the tide is any more intelligent than the wind. So I don't believe in god at least not in the organized sense and if such believing in something certainly does not make it real. Yet I've had dreams where I'd swear that I'm flying truely and surely I am. A series of molecular reactions, trillions, creating an organism. That believes to be supreme to all around it and cowers if he's wise enough to notice that maybe, just maybe, he might be insignifigant. The little pleasures are the most important ones because they're so little and simple we tend not to distract our happiness by studying them too closely. No person should ever have to justify what makes them happy. Weather it's god, music, sex, drugs, the pursuit of stories, or the myth that they are significant. All humans deceive themselves. If all of us woke up one day and realized that our petty little idiological beliefs and rituals in and about the world around us were meaningless outside of ourselves and deeply that other humans like us probably believe something whole heartedly different about the world around us than our world might crumble. And I say might because it might not. I'd like to believe that the wiser of people take great relish in the foolishly simple pleasures of life far more than the complex ones because they aren't distracted and they do take them at face value without the need to justify anything. Just like the smile on another person's face...we react upon seeing it...realizing that we've changed another creature internally and for a strong moment, we feel powerful. We feel like gods. The bible says that god created man in his own image. I say that man created god in his own image. Out of fear. Because when I create a new creature, when I imagine one I should say, it's usually humanoid but far more alien than an exact copy. I'm a twin I don't want or need an exact copy and even if I were to imagine a copy of myself my brother is far mor unique and complex than my imagination alone would allow me to create. Based on the principles of physics and gravity as I understand because psychologically I'd like to believe that if an imaginary creature did exist I'd like to be able to interact with whatever it is I'm imagining. Either hunt it, fuck it, or tell it a good joke and watch it laugh...feeling powerful again. Like a god. Like a human. Most humans still react to a puppy quite the same way. And we don't know why. Or at least I don't I guess it's like a baby but without too much resposibility. After all if it dies it's just a dumb animal. But after all humans are just dumb animals too. Tricking themselves to believing they're smart. It's a strange complex world indeed we belong too. Changing the shape of things. And succoming to fears in order to think we're surviving or living or 'truely alive' whatever that means.

It's easy to say their is a god, it's easy to say their isn't a god. But for all my years it's hard to say that the world is rather insignificant, yet still come up with a logical and fun reason for living. And that's just it. Fun. Evolution has created an outlit for survival. Perhaps the most important survival mechanism. Fun. The pursuit of pleasure. Because if their is no god and their is no life after death and no second chances than pleasure is all their is left and be it complex or simple it's the main reason human beings carry on. We've developed a society and many ways to deceive us into thinking it's much more than this basic. But truely and surely that's what it is. And it makes me happy to know at 24 years of age be able to whole heartly believe that I've discovered the function of basic human pleasure. (even though I'm quite sure I'm not the only one) It's simply put a survival mechanism that distracts us til we die. I've discovered the meaning of life. The reason each individual one of us is here and so unique is immaterial or unimportant. It doesn't matter if their was a big bang or is a god because if their is a god he truely doesn't care and what does matter is the pursuit of pleasure after the pursuit of being alive. It's all that ever did matter. No moral, no eithics, not distractions. And no rituals Just smile. And just pleasure. It's that simple folks. The meaning of living. And the uphill battle that may occur if you find yourself in opposition to people that don't understand this principle. But ignore those people if you can or better yet convience them of your belief, if you don't have that selfish instinct. Than live your life in pleasure and happiness as you and truely you see fit and no one else. And try not to let it clash with anyone else. That might throw you off track too. ;) The meaning of life.

"Life, it's just a ride" - Bill Hicks.

But simply the meaning of life is not to die. And have the most fun not dying as you can.