Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bands I've seen live...yes this list will be missing a lot.

In no order I just wanted to lay these all out. So I have a record.

*The one's that made this list are simply put the most memorable. Ehem that were good accept the one's at the bottom. I saw a band call 'Sparta' play in the rain and that was cool & I saw a Velvet Revolver and they sucked terrible. I did see 'Alice in Chains' however I don't really like their music despite they were very good.*

(saw them at the Wiltern in Los Angeles)

(This is my big classy one I've seen. Everybody needs a big classy one.)

Chick groups : ^.^
(*Bayfest Mobile, AL)

(*Key Club Los Angeles, CA)

(*This was the show I was at. Only to the right and a bit further back *.*) (Hippy hopping is cute ^.^) Oh yes and 'Paramore' was their too and I couldn't kill myself fast enough *.* (Nah that's harsh. I'm deaf now.)

Men bands :

(I was at this show)

(Orlando, FL)

(Orlando, FL)

(*Bayfest Mobile, AL)

(This is more of a puppet show)


***Best show I've ever seen (And the one's in the video is the one I was at)*** Everybody stoned too. ********* (*Staples Center Los Angeles, CA) I've also seen them front for My Chemical Romance.

+ A sh*t ton of others who either didn't stand out, weren't good enough, or just plain I'm not proud of like Trapt or ehem...New Found Glory...or as I like to call them...New Found Gloryhole. Velvet Revolver (Slash solo was the only good part), Sparta...and like I said a bunch of others, in clubs and bars, some great locals, + I work for a talk show so occasionally seeing a variety of bands is kind of my daily routine (although nothing beats being at a real show) and even went to every show for a two year period on the road, radio interviews, and to contests of my buddies band (Which is a fun memory). (***Yes I directed this music video) ***That's my backyard biatches.

(Surprisingly one of the worst shows I've seen. Not because of the Nine Inch Nails but their crappy fans)