Sunday, March 1, 2015


Fare thee well to my blog of many years. I will miss you. You have been my good friend. I'm not sure if any of you have been paying attention but I've been writing this blog for the past several years.

My blog is now like a dingy old house I go back to sometimes. It is purposely sloppy. It is as vapid and empty as a nostalgic old toy devoid of the reason why I really loved it in the first place. I have come here time and again to vomit my thoughts in the form of tedious bizarre rants and just recently had the epiphany that I don't need it anymore.

I started this blog soon after I received a job for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and it has functioned basically as writing practice. Sketches. Just getting ideas and thoughts out of my system. It has functioned well but as I said it is tedious. On that show I used to write reports on various things daily. All that tedious report writing numbed me from the passion I used to have for writing as an art form. But now I'm sick of being numb.

This blog is like a nostalgic old haunted house, a relic of dreams, memories, ideals, writing styles, tastes and thought patterns I used to have. It is a time capsule but no longer a reflection of my own personal zeitgeist.

Goodnight great beast. I may slip into you in the far future, but for now I bid thee well. For now I must concentrate my mind and life on other things.


Daniel Louis Krone - March 1 2015.

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